Mother roll/parent roll

The parent roll is a big paper reelthat usually bigger than a human.It is used for converting toilet tissue, jumbo roll, facial tissue, napkin, hand paper towel, kitchen towel, handkerchief paper and etc.

According to the national standard, the raw materials of tissue paper should be wood, grass, bamboo and other raw fiber materials. Any recycled paper, paper prints, paper products and other recycled fibrous materials should not be used as raw materials, and deinking agent should not be used.

Recycled pulp has health risks.When we saw raw material information such as "virgin wood pulp" and "pure wood pulp" on the packaging of household paper, we need to choose virgin wood pulp instead of pure wood pulp.

Virgin wood pulp: The 100% virgin wood pulp made only from wood chips cooking and extracting wood fibers, without being used.

Pure wood pulp: Refers to wood pulp, but may include recycled pulp, i.e. waste pulp, which made from recycled "waste" paper.

High-grade tissue paper is made of 100% virgin wood pulp , good quality and health;

The raw material of household paper is closely related to our health. Care for family health, use 100% virgin wood pulp material for tissue paper.