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With advantage of close to Ningbo beilun port,it’s convenient for transportation by sea.

And the steady development of the company in recent years, the performance has been increasing year by year, and got good reputation in the paper industrial.

Our mission is provide one step service to our customer, we can provide products from mother roll (base paper) to finished products which can satisfied with different kinds of customers’ requirements.

Base on the rich source for paper and paper products in China,we can provide customers with the best service (24H on-line service,fast response on inquiry),highest quality with most competitive price.

Our main products include parent roll,jumbo roll and various kinds of finished paper products.


In today's fast-paced world, the importance of tissue products cannot be ignored. From toilet paper and facial tissues to kitchen rolls and napkins, Parent Roll Tissue plays an important role in our daily lives. Behind the scenes, there are companies like Ningbo Bincheng Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., which specializes in supply of Mother Tissue Roll.

Mother Rolls Paper, as the name suggests, is the basis for various household paper products. It is essentially the raw material that is further processed and transformed to make the items we use every day. The quality of Parent Jumbo Roll directly affects the performance, strength and overall user experience of the final product.

Parent rolls, also called jumbo rolls, are large-sized rolls of material used as the primary source for further processing. It is usually the initial roll produced during the manufacturing process. The size of the mother roll is several times larger than the final product, allowing for continuous, uninterrupted production.

What is the advantages of our parent roll:

 1. Water absorption: One of the main uses of Parent Paper Roll is its high water absorption. Whether you're wiping up spills, drying hands, or cleaning surfaces, the absorbency of original paper is critical. This quality ensures that the final tissue product effectively performs its intended task.

 2. Softness: Another important advantage of Mother Paper Reel is its softness. When used in the production of facial tissues, toilet paper, and other similar products, the softness of the base paper contributes to overall end-user comfort. This is especially important for personal hygiene products, where mildness is crucial.

 3. Strength: Tissue products need to be both reliable and durable. By using strong Mother Roll, manufacturers can ensure that their products will not tear or break easily, providing users with a satisfying experience. Strength is critical, especially for paper towels and kitchen rolls that may come into direct contact with wet or oily surfaces.

 4. Hygiene: Parent Roll Base Paper also plays a vital role in maintaining hygiene standards. For example, the Parent Roll Jumbo Roll used for toilet paper must adhere to specific safety and cleaning guidelines to prevent any risk of contamination. Relying on reputable supplier such as Ningbo Bincheng Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., customers can rest assured that great attention is paid to maintaining hygiene during the production process.

The Parent tissue jumbo roll is the first roll formed after the papermaking process. It is made by 100% virgin wood pulp fibers, water and various additives, then allowing the mixture to dry and solidify.

The jumbo rolls come in different sizes and grades depending on the end product they will be used for. For example, the parent tissue roll used for toilet paper differs in size and characteristics from the one used for facial tissue. Variations in grades allow manufacturers to produce tissue papers with varying levels of softness, strength and absorbency.

Our parent roll can used for converting facial tissue,toilt tissue, napkin, hand towel, kitchen towel and etc.

And suitable for various setting,such as daily home use, restaurants, cafes, office, hotel, hospital, school,shopping moll use.

The raw material of tissue paper should be natural fibre from wood, grass, bamboo and other sources that compliant with national standard. Recycled paper, printing paper or paper that were used are not allowed as raw materials. As recycled pulp is not good for health. We should choose the paper products that marked with “100% virgin wood pulp”.


The Characteristics of 100% Virgin Parent Roll :

 1. Uniformity: Tissue base paper needs to have consistent performance across the entire roll. This ensures consistency and reliability of the final product.

 2. Fiber composition: The selection of fiber composition is crucial to determine the performance of the base paper. These include different wood pulps, recycled fibers and additives to increase strength and softness.

 3. Control porosity: Porosity is a basic characteristic of Paper Parent Jumbo Roll, which can vary depending on the intended use. For example, toilet paper may require controlled porosity for flushability, while facial tissue may require higher absorbency.

4. Physical strength: Paper Mother Jumbo Roll needs to have sufficient physical strength to withstand various forms of processing, conversion and handling. It should be able to withstand embossing, perforation and packaging without compromising its integrity.

Facial tissue:

Material: 100% virgin wood pulp /bamboo pulp

Size: 2700-5550mm

Color: White or natural color available

Ply: 1-5 plys for choose

Grammage: 12.5g, 13g, 13.5g, 14.8g, 15.3g, 16g

Packaging: Film shrinkage pack


Ultra soft and delicate

No fluorescent agent

Good strength, easy for embossing

Suitable for home, shoppig malls, hospitals, schools, public park and factories use


Toilet tissue:

Material: 100% virgin wood pulp cellulose /bamboo pulp

Size: 2700-5550mm

Color: White or natural color available

Ply: 1-4 plys for choose

Grammage: 14.5g, 15g, 15.5g, 16g, 17g, 18g, 18.5g

Packaging: Film shrinkage pack


Soft and good absorbent

No fluorescent agent, gentle to our skin

Strong and durable use

Septic safe, no worry to block the toilet, able to break down easily for effective flushing

Ideal for home, office, and commercial use


Material: 100% virgin wood pulp /bamboo pulp

Size: 2700-5550mm

Color: White or natural color available

Ply: 1-3 plys for choose

Grammage: 12g, 13g, 14.5g, 15g, 15.5g, 16g, 17g, 18g, 18.5g, 21g, 23.5g

Packaging: Film shrinkage pack


Extra strength and softness

With better absorbent

No artificial fragrances or chemicals

Good for embossing and logo printing

Widely used on hotel, restaurant, home and other public place


Kitchen towel:

Material: 100% virgin wood pulp /bamboo pulp

Size: 2700-5550mm

Color: White or natural color available

Ply: 1 ply

Grammage: 16g, 17g, 18g, 20g, 21.5g, 22g, 23.5g

Packaging: Film shrinkage pack


Strong water and oil absorption

High absorbency and strength to handle the challenges of spills and messes in the kitchen

Good tensile force,won’t break easily

Strict selection of virgin wood pulp,Eco-friendly material

Can contact with food directly

Hand towel:

Material: 100% virgin wood pulp /bamboo pulp

Size: 2700-5550mm

Color: White or natural color available

Ply: 1 ply

Grammage: 28g, 36g, 38g, 40g, 42g

Packaging: Film shrinkage pack


No fluorescent agent and harmful chemical added

Super absorbent,only one piece is enough to use

Can used for cleaning, wiping and drying

Perfect for:

Hotel, restaurant, bathroom, kitchen and other public place


Why choose us?

Ningbo Bincheng Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. strive to provide high-quality Parent Jumbo Rolls that meets the diverse needs of customers. We have several advantages, including advanced equipment, efficient production processes and a customer-centric approach.

 1. Advanced equipment: Our company has invested in the most advanced machinery and technology to ensure consistent quality and efficient production. The use of advanced equipment enables us to produce Toilet Parent Roll that meets the highest industry standards.

 2. Strong R&D capabilities: Strong R&D capabilities reflect our commitment to continuous innovation. We continue to explore new materials, new technologies and processes to improve the characteristics and performance of Parent Tissue Roll.

 3. Customization: Understanding the unique needs of our customers, we provide customized options for Paper Parent Rolls. This ensures our customers can create their own unique products based on their specific needs and preferences.

 4. Professional Service: Our highly dedicated and experienced team is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. We are always available to address any questions, provide technical assistance, and provide guidance throughout the purchasing process.

 5. After-sales service: With good after-sales service and we will take responsibility for all of our products, make sure customer no need to worry about the quality issue.

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By cooperating with Ningbo Bincheng Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., customers can benefit from high-quality Mother Roll Reel manufactured with advanced equipment and excellent services. Whether toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissues or kitchen rolls, their expertise enables the production of Tissue Raw Material with exceptional performance, strength and comfort.